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Because no one should have to choose between food and tampons. Period.

Thank You, Period Party Supporters!

Together, we raised 50,294 tampons, 42,659 pads, and 47 Diva Cups for donation to Edmonton’s Food Bank!

Let’s keep the momentum going. Please remember to include menstrual products when you donate to the Food Bank throughout the year.

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Wed Sept 23 - 7pm to 11pm - Yellowhead Brewery

Period Party is a silent auction and fundraiser to highlight and address the challenge of access to menstrual products. This is a free ticketed event though Eventbrite. Admission is free with your Eventbrite ticket and a donation of menstrual products to be collected at the door for donation to the Edmonton Food Bank. With complimentary snacks courtesy of Yellowhead Brewery, a cash bar with signature event cocktails, beer, and wine, music donated by Baseline Services and a silent auction filled with covetable items, this event is not to be missed. Net proceeds from the silent auction will be used to purchase menstrual products for donation to the Edmonton Food Bank in support of the people they serve.

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Real Quotes from Real People

  • I run out of pads and tampons all the time and can't afford more. The worst was after I had my son. I had been bleeding for a while after I got home from the hospital and ran out of pads. I had no money to get any and no one to get them for me. I was trying to adjust to being a mother, was exhausted, and had to figure out how to take care of my bleeding without pads. Without money you have to solve a lot of hard problems.

    Edmonton Woman
  • I have to do some nasty s%*t to keep myself clean during my period. I ended up in emerg once because of it. Toxic shock or some s%*t like that. It was painful.

    Edmonton Woman
  • I have 3 children, a limited income, and a period every month. I use the food bank often and am thankful when I can get my tampons from them. If I don’t have tampons I have to stuff my pants with toilet paper, if I have it. If I don’t have toilet paper or tampons me and my kids can’t leave the house while I have my period. It gets really hard. I am embarrassed.

    Edmonton Woman
  • I very clearly remember a woman at the food bank looking through her box and asking about the feminine products she had requested. They said there was nothing in the warehouse and so she got nothing. It has stuck with me ever since. My family now donates those items ( and diapers) when food bank is requesting support.

    Community nurse in Edmonton
  • I wish that there was a way to stop my monthly from coming. Well, I guess there is, pregnancy. I am not ready for that though. It is so expensive to buy tampons every month. I have to make hard choices and end up getting creative to get by. It would be nice to not have to worry about it. That is for sure.

    Edmonton Woman
  • How do you decide between tampons and milk for your kids? I have to pick milk. I have to, my kids always come first. When I get my period I have to scramble. I always find something to use: toilet paper, paper towels, cut up towels or clothes. Whatever. You just gotta figure it out.

    Edmonton Woman
  • Being homeless and having your period is hard. I live rough (sleep in the river valley) in the summer and when you have your period and no tampons the bugs are at you all the time. I use whatever I can find, old clothes or socks that I tear up, toilet paper from a public bathroom, or just whatever. It does not feel good. When I have nothing I have to steal tampons. No one should have to do that. I don’t want to but what else am I supposed to do? I was arrested for it once, who wants to be arrested for stealing tampons? I mean come on.

    Edmonton Woman

Help Us Raise Funds

Can't attend the event? Donate through GoFundMe.

Due to an overwhelming response of support, this ticketed event though Eventbrite is currently sold out and has a wait list in place. With so many people expressing interest in donating to the cause, paired with the reality of limited space at the event, we have set up another way to support Period Party. All proceeds raised via GoFundMe will be used to purchase menstrual products for donation to the Edmonton Food Bank in support of the people they serve. If you are unable to attend the event, due to your schedule, location, or unavailability of tickets, but would like to support the cause please donate here.

Drop Off Locations

Can't attend the event, but would still like to donate menstrual products? You can drop them off at these locations.

Traveling Tickle Trunk |  9923 82nd ave  |  (780) 469-6669

Above Average Yoga  |  11842 111th ave NW @ Center 111 |  (780) 488-1121

Event Organizers

  • Jill Davies-Shaw

  • Cody Dub

  • Simon Underwood

  • Melinda Davies-Musselwhite

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